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The Good Food Company is Committed to Bringing You Fast Fresh Food
Experts say that fast food is terrible for you but it does not have to be! At The Good Food Company we have worked tirelessly to design a menu where every single dish is nutritious and healthy, from our awesome range of sandwiches, to our how can something this good for you taste so good salads and our fantastic range of lunch boxes from all over the world.

Order & Deliver TGFC Meals with Jumia Food & YUM Kenya
Hey TGFCers! Ordering your favourite TGFC meals is easy! No more wondering when your meal will arrive. Now order TGFC meals through Jumia Food and YUM Kenya’s respective dedicated TGFC order pages on your laptop or mobile device. Both delivery companies will send you SMS confirmations when your meal is received, when the their rider collects your TGFC meal and when it reaches your doorstep. Meal order tracking at its best!

Step 1.
Order Your Meal

Order what you like from Jumia Food‘s and YUM Kenya‘s respective dedicated TGFC order pages or call 0704 222 444. You may review your order at any time and remove items from the cart before you proceed to check out. For certain items such as combos and meal deals you may need to select options. You will have the option to pay by MPESA or cash on delivery.

Step 2.
TGFC Prepares Your Meal

Upon receipt of your order, HelloFood or YUM Kenya will send you an SMS order confirmation. Simultaneously, our dedicated TGFC team prepares your meal.

Step 3.
Enjoy Your Meal!

Jumia Food or YUM Kenya’s respective rider collects your meal from TGFC. You will receive an SMS alerting you that your meal is on its way to your chosen location. Upon delivery, pay the rider for meal and delivery charge (for cash on delivery) or the rider will confirm that payment was received by other means. Bon appétit!